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THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 2016   
Vol 9.26   
From left to right, actresses Kathy McCafferty, Susan Slotoroff and Jodie Lynne McClintock are happy to be back in Ellenville once again and performing at the Shadowland Theatre. Photo by Chris Rowley
Welcome Back To Ellenville!
Shadowland Actresses Talk About Feeling At Home

ELLENVILLE – "There's this amazing process," says Kathy McCafferty, one of the cast of the next show at the Shadowland, Miracle on South Division Street. "It takes about a week to take effect, but by then the city tension, the armor, goes away and you relax. That's something I associate with coming up here."   > MORE

Bloomingburg Permit Swamp
Mamakating Planners Still Mull Rescinding While Warning Camp
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Where Will The Summer Road Repairs End Up?
Local Info While The State & County's Mum
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Moving Beyond The Zombie Properties
Ellenville Looks To State Program For Development
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Sharing Casino Profits Early...
Casino License Fees Rain Down On Counties & Schools
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Heard Around Our Towns...
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Questions Arise Regarding The Legoland Proposal - Free Advertising For Guns? - The Answer To Orlando Is Love - Protections Against Search & Seizure Are Paramount - In Favor Of The Mandated Tax Cap - It's Time To Ban Assault Weapons Again - Speaking About Lippman Park's Origins - Two New Political Poems - Regarding The Project Cat Kerfuffle
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Independence Day: Too Much Cable News Can Darken All Horizons
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