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Vol 8.40   
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Runners on the Shawangunk Ridge Trail choose the lengths they want to go, then face real inner and outer challenges making their mark. As our writer has found, they keep returning, too, in this grand new sports draw for the region. Hot tubs,anyone? Photo by Kellie McGuire
The Shawangunks' Growing Draw For Runners...
Ridge Trail & Other Marathon Races Form A New Tourism Niche

REGIONAL – The Shawangunk Ridge Trail traverses a ridge line from High Point, NJ, where its unique geology and biology begins, for seventy-four miles to Rosendale, NY, where the ridge ends. 2015 is the second year of the SRT Run, which race directors Ken Posner and Todd Jennings of Shawangunk Adventures created as a challenge for runners to emulate the self-reliance of our forebears, whether settlers or native, and celebrate the preservation of the Shawangunks.   > MORE

Rochester's Constabulary?
Three Years On, They Keep A Quiet Presence
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County Races...
Legislature Seats In Ulster & Sullivan & Lined Up Debates
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The Region's Big Social Event
Ellenville Hospital Gala Raises Funds So Health Institution Can Face All Challenges
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Pine Bush Headed For A B&B Future?
Tourism Folk From Town & County Offer Support
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Pet Sounds
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It's Not Really That The President Is Polarizing - Common Core Is A Bitter Pill - There IS A Case For Common Core - Hope From The Pope - Let's Go Back To The Original Pledge Why Do We Let Things Run Down?
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Common Core? Some Thoughts On The Governor's Latest Educational Task Force
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