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THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 2014   
Vol 7.16   
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Local farmstands and nurseries are offering potted plants to get those green thumbs working; meanwhile, many are predicting Western droughts will help local crop prices over the coming months. Yes, Climate Change does have economic effects! Photo by Chris Rowley
Asking Mother Nature For Summer Predictions
Earth Day + Easter... What's the New Prognosis

GUNK REGIONAL – There were times this winter in the Hudson Valley, or indeed anywhere from Maine to Minnesota or even Carolina and Georgia, when you might have been forgiven for thinking that global warming was over, that instead of a return to the Jurassic, we were returning to the Ice Age. February, in particular, will live long in many folks' memories... and not in a nice way.   > MORE

Time To Be A Firefighter?
Ellenville & Others Search For Recruits In Statewide Push
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St. John's Clock Is Ticking Again!
Village Justice Becomes The New Clock Winder
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Beltane Rises, Pool Fund Fills
The Festival Town Gets Back In Gear
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Empowering's Safe Haven Not So Safe
Canal Street Building Shuttered For Code Violations
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Ben's Donkey Race: A Parable: There Is Truly Beauty In All Things
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Paint Guns For Those Who Pass Buses - Could Rail Trails Just Be Gentrification? - Doesn't Think Pete Seeger's Worthy - Let's Get A Handle On The Heroin Epidemic - Republicans Are Being Snubbed By Minorities! - Interfaith Means Sensitivity In Criticism - Politics Simply Keeps Reflecting Wealth - More Thoughts About The SAFE Act - The Health-Care Debate Is NOT Over - Who Can Have Enough Of Miley Cyrus? - Suggests More Oversight Of Corporate Cheats - All Of Us Deserve Protection
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Patience Is Key: When It Comes To Recent Politics & Future Economics
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