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THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 2014   
Vol 7.34   
Gutter Gutter
Images like this, taken in the past few days during demonstrations in the Missouri suburbs, have forced many to start questioning the amount of weaponry local police forces have amassed since the start-up of Homeland Security thirteen years ago. Courtesy photo
All Ready For What?
What Weapons Do Our Local Police Forces Have?

REGIONAL – An odd and unsettling side effect of America's plunge into various wars on drugs, Iraq, Terror, and Afghanistan has been the visible militarization of many American police forces. This became starkly visible when the police in a small Missouri city rolled out an armored personnel carrier, sporting a .50 caliber machine gun on top pointed at a community of demonstrators.   > MORE

Final Trail Gap Gets Bridged...
Marbletown Finishes Its Big Portion Of O & W Rail Trail
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Coming To Terms With Its Bias Case
PBSD Anti-Semitism Deemed 'Inbred' By Officials
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Buses And Back Packs
And Truly A Major Milestone For Mommy
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Brunner Meets Hein For Photo Op
Nevele Efforts Kick Into Even Higher Gear
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Cuomo Should Have Left Teachout Alone
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Supports A Countywide Rail Trail Network - Immigrant Children Need Our Refuge! - Thinks Farber Doesn't Have The Record - Cuomo Should Resign Due To Silver's Mess? - Fracking Foes Must Stay Ever Vigilant! - Many Helped Phillipsport's Big Win...
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Oh, Ferguson...
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