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THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2016   
Vol 9.17   
As of press time, the Sam's Point Fire had consumed 2,000 acres and still wasn't completely out. Photo by Chris Rowley
Fire Sweeps Minnewaska & Sam's Point
Word Is That A Hiker Stopped For A Smoke...

CRAGSMOOR – On Saturday afternoon, April 23, I smelled smoke in the air. I live high up on the western slopes of the Shawangunk Ridge up above Ellenville and smelling smoke in the air in a dry-as-a-bone April is not a good thing. In fact, it's exactly what we fear the most at this season. The smoke tells you that the forest is burning and that it's burning not that far away.  > MORE

Anger At The Annual Meeting
Reorganization Draws A Boisterous Crowd As New Board WorksTo Keep Its Civility...
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Safer Buses
ECSD Hears How Software Sharpens Its Drivers Instincts
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Zen In The Catskill Foothills
Bak Lim Temple Is A Forest Haven Hidden Away In The Forest Up From Summitville
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Ward Voting! It's Time To Work To Finally Make It Happen Here...
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Rochester Not Involved In Trailer Lawsuit - In Favor Of The Dog Breeder Law - Alarmed At The Rise Of Xenophobia - Giving Up Meat Is A Healthy Choice - More Funding For School Program Helps Students
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Conflagration! Big Fires Of The Real & Unreal Types
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