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THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2015   
Vol 8.13   
Gutter Gutter
Pine Bush erupted with another international news swirl around reactions to the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic last week, despite years of it's having been pledged in other languages. School superintendent Joan Carbone and the PBSD board, headed by Lloyd Greer, came under fire for apologizing for the action while Pine Bush High class president Andrew Zink was jeered for his okaying the action, and became something of a celebrity in the process. Photos by Chris Rowley and Michelle Zink
How Does One Pledge?
Foreign Language Week Causes Pine Bush Furor

PINE BUSH – By Friday last week, the BBC had it on their website, Al Jazeera had already reported it, every US network had covered it, and Fox News had gone with a headline reading "One Nation Under Allah."   > MORE

Grant Time!
Applications Must Be To State Now;Town Admits Village Charge A Boo Boo
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Who's Running?
Checking Out The Candidates Among Our Incumbents...
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Learning To Be Truly Pro-Active
ECSD Students Rally For Education In Albany
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Million Dollar Ideas...
Ellenville As The Gunks New & Better Gateway
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Ellenville NAACP's Black History Month Essay Winners!
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We Must Teach Tolerance - The Governor Speaks About Negotiations - Separate Ethics Reform From Budget! - Libraries Need Proper Representation, Too - Doesn't Believe There Are Racial Problems - A Senior Option MUST Be Attractive! - Obamacare Is Better Than What Was - Actions Speak Louder Than Party
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Arab Spring: Unkempt Partisanship Was Behind The Hate Over Language & Pledges
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Gutter Gutter Gutter
LP Transportation - Mechanics Needed